Student Councils

The NYU School of Professional Studies Student Council and its clubs hold monthly meetings and coordinate various events and activities throughout the academic year such as career seminars, graduate school information workshops, community service initiatives, and events that enhance networking opportunities and promote school spirit.

The NYU School of Professional Studies Graduate Student Council was founded in 2005. The purpose of this governing body is to represent all graduate students (graduate certificate and master's degree) at the School and at the University level, to build a School community, to develop programs that enhance student life, and to oversee and fund graduate student organizations. The Council welcomes new students during Orientation. Each master's degree program has one representative who votes on matters that impact all graduate programs. Each program also provides funding to student clubs and hosts School-wide events. You may contact the Associate Director, Student Life, Sue Wais at for additional information.

As a governing organization, the NYU School of Professional Studies Graduate Student Council:

  • Serves as a representative voice for the graduate student body by maintaining open lines of communication between students, deans, members of the administration, faculty members, alumni, and members of the New York University community, on School-wide issues 
  • Offers cross-program networking opportunities for a wide range of students seeking to enrich their intellectual lives, further their careers, and enhance their professional qualifications
  • Provides cross-program informational, social, and educational events to build student community
  • Distributes funds to graduate student organizations and ensures that all distributions comply with University legal regulations

Graduate Council Officers

PresidentKhushboo Chaudhary

Vice President Aakanksha Chande

TreasurerVaibhav Bhatt

SecretaryJacqueline Solis

Student SenatorNhesthy Ong

Assistant TreasurerJanice Lee

Administrative VPRidhvi Agarwaal

Administrative VPSharanya Suresh Kumar

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The Undergraduate Student Council represents all undergraduate students at the NYU School of Professional Studies. Its mission is to promote community for undergraduate students by bringing them together for social gatherings, community service projects, and other fun events, and to represent student issuesand concerns, as well as to support activities for undergraduate clubs.

The Council holds meetings on the last Friday of each month, from 6–7:30 p.m. All students are invited to attend. You may contact the Associate Director, Student Life, Sue Wais at for additional information. Taking an active part in student government, both at the School and wihin the University at large, allows you to become better connected to the NYU culture of learning and achievement.

The best way to get involved with the Student Council is by volunteering on a committee. Joining a committee provides you with opportunities to network with other students, meet new people you might not otherwise encounter, have a voice in what happens around the NYU School of Professional Studies, and be a part of making the University experience better for every student at the School.

Undergraduate Council Officers

PresidentAndrea Alva-Araya

Vice PresidentShruti Pujara

SecretaryShawn Andrade

TreasurerHenry Lai

Student SenatorShannon Morgan

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