Graduate Admissions-Financial Aid Options

In this section, you will find an overview of financial aid opportunities. To discuss these options further, prospective students are invited to email us your questions or call an NYU School of Professional Studies Office of Admissions counselor at 212-998-7100.

More aid opportunities are available online and through the NYU Office of Financial Aid.

NYU School of Professional Studies Grant

The NYU School or Professional Studies Grant is awarded on the basis of financial need. If you are eligible for this award, notification will be included in your financial aid package. The scholarship amount will be granted based upon the number of credits for which you are actually enrolled each term. Eligible full-time (12 credits) students will receive $4,000 per academic year. Quarter-time (9 credits) and part-time (6 credits) students will receive $3,200 and $1,600, respectively, per academic year. You must have a current FAFSA on file and you must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits per semester to be eligible for consideration. The Grant is not awarded for the summer terms.

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