Global Learning

Ensuring that the NYU School of Professional Studies curricula are aligned with the ever-evolving expectations of industry practice is central to the School’s mission of providing its students with the knowledge and the skills needed to advance in their professions and in their communities. With virtually every field now taking on an increasingly global dimension, the NYU School of Professional Studies has worked diligently to expand its own international activities to provide students with a multidimensional, global education that serves to broaden their perspective and to enhance their learning experience. In addition, the School has developed numerous partnerships around the world with institutions of higher learning, corporations and nonprofit organizations that expand research opportunities and provide the basis for a continuous exchange of ideas among faculty members and students across the globe.

Faculty Research and Engagement Serve to Enlighten Students on Global Issues and Opportunities

Faculty Research and Engagement

The NYU School of Professional Studies faculty members are scholars and practitioners who are deeply engaged in global issues and their teaching reflects this. Their research shapes some of today’s most important applied scholarship—from creatively mapping alternative scenarios in strategic foreign relationships and analyzing transnational organized crime to designing metrics to measure peace and the structures that foster it. As working professionals and entrepreneurs, they are at the forefront of innovation in their fields: identifying emerging areas of opportunity, building creative new partnerships, and developing business models that spur growth on a local, regional, national and global level. In addition, they utilize their considerable expertise to enlighten their students on a broad range of topics, from sustainable building and real estate development to cultural and sports tourism, global public relations and intercultural communication.

Their knowledge and entrepreneurial energy is captured in exciting elective courses and concentrations, which serve to expand the scope of your studies and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Field Intensives and Study Abroad Options Add a Global Dimension to Graduate Study

Field Intensives and Study Abroad Options

The NYU School of Professional Studies global study options are setting the standard for professionally focused graduate education abroad. We believe that engaging firsthand with the people, the places, and the ideas that are shaping key global industries is vital to educating visionary leaders. The School is dedicated to making international study accessible to graduate students with busy schedules. Our study abroad opportunities and field intensives offer:

  • Professionally Valuable Experiences. Our global courses and field intensives are designed to expose you to the real-world challenges and opportunities you will encounter as a professional in almost every field today. They are designed to introduce you to individuals and organizations that will expand your networks, and that will broaden your perspective. As a result, your ability to innovate and to lead in a range of cultural contexts and geographic locations will be greatly enhanced.
  • Flexible Formats. We understand that graduate students have limited time and resources because of their personal and professional obligations. This is why most of our global programs are designed as short-term or intensive experiences. Many are offered during the University’s spring break and winter session periods, as one- or two-week summer sessions, or as week-long study tours.
  • The Global Network University. As a member of the NYU School of Professional Studies community, you may also choose to study at one of the University's global academic centers, located in Tel Aviv, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, and Shanghai.

Industry Events and Conferences Offer Global Perspective and Valuable International Connections

Industry Events and Conferences

The NYU School of Professional Studies hosts several internationally recognized industry conferences each year. These gatherings, which are held in New York City and around the globe, foster creative exchanges among scholars and industry professionals, and serve to broaden the academic scope and the professional contacts of the many the School's students who attend them.