Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson

BS in Real Estate
Alumnus, Class of 2010

With 13 years of experience in real estate, Sean Thompson knew a substantial amount about the field. This made him an ideal candidate for the Division's BS in Real Estate, which along with the other degrees in the Division, provides credit for prior learning through the portfolio process. Thompson earned 26 credits towards his undergraduate degree because of his prior learning, saving thousands of dollars in tuition costs.

He found out about this prior-learning option during his first weeks of school. After attending a Prior-Learning Assessment Information Session, he took the one-semester, two-credit course titled Seminar in Experiential Learning. It was during this class that Sean learned how to develop a portfolio that demonstrated the knowledge he had gained through previous life and work experience. He managed to complete two portfolios instead of the usual one during that semester.

The process requires students to take a syllabus from a class and show how the course content aligns with what they have learned in their life and their work. Students take approximately two-and-a-half to three weeks to complete a portfolio. A professor then reviews the portfolio for approval.

Sean graduated in 2010. "I am thankful for the opportunity that NYUSPS afforded me as a nontraditional student,” he concludes. Upon graduation, he submitted an application for the MBA program at the NYU Stern School of Business. “I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree and then move on to the next level and the NYU School of Professional Studies helped me to do that."